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May 09, 2014

Holistic Counseling - The Course - now on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/holisticcounselingcourse and Twitter - https://twitter.com/MosheDaniel_ND.


Svea's Website now launched - Montreal Doula. And her Montreal Doula Blog is also up and running. Her presence as a Doula in Montreal is really a blessing to pregnant women and babies!


June 25th, 2013

Moshe Daniel, ND launches his second article in the professional naturopathic medicine magazine NDNR titled:

"Managing Mind-Body Medicine in a World of Obstacles"


April 18th, 2013

Announcing the Launch of Moshe Daniel's naturopathic medicine program, seminars, and website called

"Holistic Counseling."

Vitruvian man for Holistic Counseling Moshe Daniel Block ND

Holistic Counseling has been approved for CE credits by the Board of Drugless Therapies in Ontario and is beginning to gain accreditation in other states and provinces. Contact Moshe to request setting up the Holistic Counseling seminar near you!



March 1st, 2012

Announcement for the Coming Up Event -

Sunday March 11th, 2012 from 1pm - 2pm Eastern Standard Time.


Global Charging Healing and Prayer Session
This event combines the intention of bringing the hearts and minds of people meditating and praying for world peace, healing, and global unity together with the amazing zero-point field technology of the joe cell and moe-joe cells.
For years, Moshe has had the dream of uniting all the people with joe cells and moe-joe cells along with various sacred geometries and other special technologies, combined with all other like-minded people, to gather for world healing, peace, and focusing on certain global issues, to help accelerate world change.

And this has finally become a reality! For the first time, a group of friends with Joe cells, Moe-joe cells, and other sacred geometries, technologies, and people of like mind, joined together and had amazing sessions, tapping into the zero-point field that united all the hearts and minds of the people holding the "circle" of consciousness.

Click here to read more and to be a part of the next (4th) Global Charging and Healing Session.
Navigate on that page to see clips of the previous sessions.

The energy is really incredible - and very powerful - how when we combine our own zero-point fields, with the technology of the joe cells and the moe-joe cells, how profoundly we can connect and affect change.

Be a part of the Session! on Sunday March 11th, 2012 from 1pm - 2pm Eastern Standard Time.
Sign up now!


March 1st, 2012


In this video, Moshe Daniel discusses and displays the amazing water vortexer that he designed, which allows water to be continuously charged and vitalized by having it swirling in a vortex. Great for healing and charging water for the joe cell and moe-joe cell, this video demonstrates the first version of Moshe's swirler, which was not able to sustain a vortex.



December 28th, 2011

Orgone Accumulator Pyramid Enhancement Project

In 2011, Moshe Daniel realized that the orgone accumulator pyramid "Little Egypt" could use 2 enhancements. One was that it needed an additional pyramid in the sacred geometry of the pyramids of Giza, but instead of it being a "male / fire" pyramid, it would need to be a "female / water" pyramid... read more watch youtube video



August 22nd, 2011


Honda 2001 Accord with Moe Joe cell installed fuel mileage improvement

Excellent and exciting news of fuel-mileage improvements and engine performance enhancements with the moe-joe cell.



June 15th, 2011


NDNR magazine

Moshe published an article in a professional magazine on naturopathic medicine NDNR - Naturopathic Doctor News & Review - the subject of the article relates is on natural healing for myasthenia gravis, shares his philosophy about the mind-body connection, and shares some stories of cure of myasthenia gravis.

Read the article on healing myasthenia gravis here.

Read the bio about Moshe Daniel on the NDNR site here.



May 18th, 2011


Song of the Year Collective Works songwriting award to Moshe Daniel 2011

The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Moshe Daniel the Collective Works placement in the song contest for the songs of his album The Psalngs of Solomon. The Collective Works placement is awarded to songwriters who have displayed consistency in songwriting excellence across various works. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Collective Works placement in the songwriting competition. This was awarded for the 2011 Song of the Year Songwriting Comptetion.

The Songwriting judges that were present included:

Randy Jackson, Faith Hill, Steven Tyler, Alicia Keys, and Toby Keith, Black Francis (The Pixies), Kings Of Leon, Robert Smith (The Cure), Jeff Beck, Peter Gabriel, Train, Keane, and many more had signed on as ISC judges

More information at http://www.songoftheyear.com/placements/MosheDaniel.html



January 11th, 2011


Totally new look and feel and even some new content to the following websites:


David House Productions


The Last Four Books of Moses


The Revolution of Naturopathic Medicine


Also updated the front page of Nutopia.cc


January 4th, 2011


myasthenia gravis natural cure

New and Improved website for natural cures of myasthenia gravis.


November 27th, 2010

Nutopian Uniting the tribes under one flag

At long, long last! The Nu Nutopia.cc is launched and ready for action. We have much functionality of the site in place, and more if being added daily.


November 4th, 2010


The Solomon Healing Project on Soul's Journey TV


New Launch Video and our TV show too!


July 19th, 2010


On Demand Previous TV Shows of the Solomon Healing Project

All Previous TV Shows of the Solomon Healing Project Will Now Be Available Here on Demand




June 14th, 2010


The Solomon Healing Project Launch Ad


The Solomon Healing Project Launch Ad is completed.


Svea's Site - Montreal Doula is now Launched!!


PsycheHealing Lotus Svea Gordon


Check out her wonderful site that shares great knowledge of healing and wellness of mind-body-and-soul and also check out her amazing skin care products, and revealing important articles.


June 11th, 2010


Wow. There is so much that is happening.


The Solomon Healing Project is finally Launched!

The Nu Covenant of Solomon is available as part of the package with the Psalngs of Solomon - Here at the Store.

Or you can download just the e-book, also at the store, and buy the Psalngs of Solomon music album on itunes.


We are also very excited to announce that every Thursday Night at 9pm EST, I have my weekly TV show on Kabbalah, alchemy, healing, astrology, naturopathic medicine, and the Solomon Healing Project HERE


The Solomon Healing Project with Moshe Daniel Internet TV


We also added our Guestbook. Please drop us a line.




December 23rd, 2009


On a brand new server. Unfortunate downtime is now a thing of the past. The Psalngs of Solomon are now being mastered and will be available soon.


September 15th, 2009


New Psalngs of Solomon Album Artwork.


April 2nd , 2009

The Moe-Joe Cell is now up on PESwiki

March 24th, 2009

The new and most updated version of The Mystery of Moshe Daniel's Imploded Star now available.

The page on the Nu Staff of Solomon now online.


October 15th, 2008


So much going on.

The wonderful, divine healing Plan- Nutopia / EveryNationLand is Finally, Fully LAUNCHED. Please become a part of it today!


Lots of advancements happening on Moe-Joe Working - Distributor agreements are now available.


New Psalngs of David MySpace Page where you can listen to samples of the Psalngs - and 5 Music Videos of Moshe playing the Psalngs of David live.



December 21st, 2007


So many great things coming to fruition.

- Sent out all the Moe-Joe kits for those who pre-ordered. Now all the Moe-Joes are in, and ready for immediate shipment. Assembly videos are up now too.


- FINALLY received the Sphinx Sphere parts... after all this time. Beautiful gold plated, silver plated and platinum plated copper hemispheres for the Alchemical Moe-Joe extraordinary sphere. Sphinx Sphere videos ready now as well.


- Received a new guitar from Jacqueline. A beautiful ovation like my old one. Now I can finish the Psalngs of David, which are coming along very nicely.


- Got a new dedicated server. EveryNationLand / Nutopia is so so so very soon to be launched!! I can feel the excitement. The control and foulplay by R.M. that has been placed upon this plan to keep it from launching is nearing its end. This is all happening at a time when Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun are all conjunct with the Galactic Heart Centre! Wow! Amazing times we're in now!


November 18th, 2007


Today is a great day indeed! I added "The Sphinx Sphere and the Alchemy of the Philosopher's Stone in the Form of a Spherical Moe-Joe cell." This is some of the deepest and most healing and powerful work found in David House Productions.

Here to go to Sphinx Sphere page


Also added a few more pages at Moe-Joe working.


October 26th, 2007


Healing, powerful, alchemical, balanced electromagnetic, free energy Moe-Joe cell kits are now available. Click here to go to website.


Also, David House Productions STORE has been updated...


October 2nd, 2007


Everything is Nu here!! David House Productions has just been launched. Psalngs of David website is available. Moe-Joe Working is available too. The Circle of Nine and the Six Letters have been updated. EveryNationLand is still under development. We hope to launch by December 2007.

Videos of Moshe Daniel's David House Productions

Videos on kabbalah healing alchemy commentariesWatch Videos about alternative medicine and healing, alternative energy, commentary about the secret. eg: Watch Moshe Daniel speak to a group of medical doctors about healing and his personal experience dealing with myasthenia gravis.

Inspirational Music and Poetry by Moshe Daniel called the Psalngs of David website now available for viewing

Listen to some of the cutting-edge End-Time Kabbalah Moshe is now sharing from the Heart of the Earth - Hearth78.com


Every Nation Land is now being built. It should be operational by December 2007. EveryNationLand, uniting the World Under One Flag.  

Listen to Streaming Broadcasts of Kabbalah from the Heart of the Earth by Moshe Daniel. Click here for HeartH78.com

Moshe Daniel has also published a book on the philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine and healing called The Revolution of Naturopathic Medicine. Go there now.


Step A1:Visit Moshe's Joe Cell Page and see Moshe's unique design - the Moe-Joe cell.

The Fourth Letter  - Please sign the Letter for healing the conflict between the Jewish and Arabic people, especially in Israel.


Some people like to pick through Trash. Give yourself a chance too and pick through the discards of Book 1 and Book 2 of The Last Four Books of Moses.









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