Moshe "ShaloMoe" Daniel is a naturopathic doctor, homeopathic master clinician, kabbalist, alchemist, singer/songwriter, author (The Last Four Books of Moses, The Revolution of Naturopathic Medicine), researcher into orgone technologies (Moe-Joe Cell, Joe Cell and other healing waters), and is the founder of EveryNationLand / Nutopia .

A graduate with Great Distinction from McGill University in Anatomy, he went on to get his naturopathic medicine degree at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. He then continued his studies with renowned homeopathic teacher Louis Klein, and graduated as a homeopathic master clinician, HMC. Combining knowledge from Kabbalah, alchemy, traditional Western and Eastern medicine, homeopathy, counseling, psychotherapy, nutrition, science, and  hands on healing work, Moshe has turned his unique gift for living and healing into a service to people everywhere.

Moshe Daniel is known for a number of his discoveries. One is an amazing healing elixir, called the "Homeopathic Elixir of Life," or the "Helixir" made up of homeopathic remedies to heal our genetics on a very deep level. Included in the Elixir, is another one of ShaloMoe's discoveries - the lost identity of the Tree of Knowledge for Good and Bad (the identity is revealed in Book 1 of the Last Four Books), which Moshe is using homeopathically to heal the effects that Tree has had on humankind for thousands of years. Others are the Sphinx Sphere and the Moe-Joe cell.

The heart of ShaloMoshe Daniel lies closely connected with the Galactic Heart Centre, coming through with the ancient and End-Time knowledge that he is receiving in this day and age. "It began with visions I had when I was thirteen. They were the first signs. I began seeing a symbol flashing in my field of vision. I found it is related to the pit I have in my chest. " Through a great deal of journeying, and many discoveries, Moshe learned it was a signal that resonated with the lost vibration of Eden. It was his first link, his connection, to the lost knowledge of The Garden of Eden and the Galactic Heart Centre. "Then in 1997, while in Israel, I began to see even deeper into what my purpose was and began to have new visions, a new channel opened up. I began to receive the knowledge for The Last Four Books of Moses, and the other mysteries that I share. I would say the deepest I have seen into who I am came around the time of my 33rd birthday, when I really began piecing together the mysteries that I have encountered in my life, which I share in a work titled The Mystery of Moshe Daniel's Imploded Star. In this work, I come out with Soul's identity, without any vague ambiguities, as I leave some here now."

Moshe feels that the greatest sharing of Kabbalah that he is presently doing is through the understanding and application of the Sphinx Sphere (advanced Moe-Joe cell) and EveryNationLand. "Of the greatest lessons I've learned, is that Love lives in the Kabbalistic World of Assiyah, which is two things - the world of Action and the World of our Earth Mother. So, action for the Earth Mother is the greatest way I can be applying myself, and anyone living on this planet. I wish everyone would become acquainted with the vital and simple messages I share in my work on Kabbalah and in the Broadcasts from the Heart of the Earth. I feel this will help a lot with the Return to the Balanced Positive nature of reality to this Earth. Above and beneath it all, I wish for everyone to understand the importance of uniting under one flag to Return to the true nature of the world and to prevent the plan for global domination. So unification for the Love and the Earth Mother is the highest application of anything and everything I can share and be!"